In these Rental terms and conditions (a)“RENT A CAR NOVA“ means part of group NOVA GRATIA d.o.o.; (b) "the Renter" means the person, firm or organization by or on behalf of whom Cars are rented under these Terms and Conditions; c) "the driver" means the person resposible for complying with these Terms and Conditions , approved and entered overleaf by the Rent a car NOVA, next to the Renter

d)"Additional driver " means the person resposible for complying with these Terms and Conditions, approved and entered overleaf by the Rent a car NOVA, next to the the Renter. The Renter will ensure that any Authorized Driver will comply with these Terms and Conditions; (e) "The car" means the car described overleaf; (f ) " the renter, the driver and the additional driver" shall be replaced by the word
" the user " in the following text.

1.Authorized driving - Only persons over the age of 21, who are in the possesion of a valid driving licence for, at least, 2 years (2 x 365 days), are allowed to drive the rented car. The Croatian Traffic Law permits no exception. Under no circumstances shall the rented car be used, operated or driven:
a) By a person who is not mentioned as the User in the rental agreement
b) For the carriage of passengers or property for reward
c) By persons who enter the rental agreement under false indication as to the age, address etc.
d) For racing, reliability trials, speed testing or driving instruction.
e) To propel or tow any other car or object 
f) By any person while being under the influence of alcohol, barbiturates, narcotics, hallucinatory or other drugs
g) While the car is in an unroadworthy condition or overloaded,or the number of persons officially permitted in the car registration documents and additional luggage is not respected
h) Off highway or road serviced by Federal State or local authorities
i) With speed higher then limits defined by law of the country where the car has been driven, or other traffic regulations due to traffic conditions.
j) In violation of the provision of any legislation, order or regulation affecting the use, loading or condition of the car or for any illegal purpose.
The foregoing restrictions are cumulative and each of them shall apply to every use, operation or driving of the rented car. Rent a car NOVA cannot be held liable for any loss or damage whatsoever caused by User's failure to comply with the above restrictions.
2. Delivery and return of the rented car Rent a car NOVA has exclusive right to the usage of vehicle and its rent, and the vehicle is delivered to User in good mechanical condition. User will return the car together with all tires, tools and equipment, stated on page 1 of rental agreement and page 1 of check out-check in form, in the same condition as when received, ordinary wear and tear excepted, to the place and on the date specified on page 1 of rental agreement. Cars are rented at a daily rate according to the agreed charge, one day being defined as any period of 24 hours from the time of commencement of the rental agreement. A grace period of 2 hours is allowed for after time due back. After this a day's charge will be made.
3. Settlement of account - User will pay to Rent a car NOVA rental within 8 day after receipt of the invoice or in case of cash rental at the time of delivery of the car as agreed on page 1 of rental agreement: the time, mileage and other charges agreed upon in the rental agreement. The amount is to be paid in accordance with the tariff in force at the time this agreement has been entered into. If settlement of the invoice is not received in time, legal interest will be charged. Whenever the car is returned to a station other than the one it was originally rented from, the final account computed by that station is subject to approval by renting station which delivered the car and which reserves the right to send a corrective invoice. 
With signature of this agreement User has obliged, with his credit card or other way of payment, Rent a car NOVA to charge any of costs, repairs or other defects or losses which have been discovered after the car has been returned and user did not notify Rent a car NOVA according to the procedure.
The User is liable for all traffic offences incurred during the period of hire. If these remain unpaid they will be charged to the User, together with an administration charge. Rent a car NOVA reserves the right to charge the abovementioned charges without prior notification to the User.
Government taxes and other levies will be charged as required by current legislation. By signing this Rental Agreement , the User confirms & consents that:
1. Renter
2. Driver - in case the renter refuses to settle in full or partially the charges arising from this Rental Agreement
3. Additional Driver - in case the renter & the driver refuse to settle in full or partially the charges arising from this Rental Agreement;
are to be held liable for settling all the charges arising from the Rental Agreement.

4. Prolongation of rental - 
In the event that the User requires a car for a longer period than the agreed rental period, the User must obtain written consent from Rent a car NOVA at least 24 hours prior to the termination of the agreed rental period. In the event that the User fails to obtain such consent, the User will be considered to have misappropriated the vehicle. In this case, Rent a car NOVA reserves the right to take any legal action necessary to recover said vehicle. In case the User returns the vehicle after the agreed date of delivery of the vehicle, and during the rental period the prices changed, new prices will be applied as of the day of the agreed date of delivery of the vehicle. For online reservations there is no refund for early returns.

5. Mileage - the number of kms whilst the car in the rental pursuant to this agreement, shall be determined by reading the factory installed odometer.

6. Odometar - when at the end of the rental it is found that the odometer has been rtampered with during the rental, the User will be charged an additional 500 kms for each day of the rental with kilometer price in accordance with the valid tariff. The User undertakes to return the car with all tires, tools, audio equipment and other accessories in the same condition as when received to the place and on the date set down overleaf. If special cleaning is required for whatever reason, the Rent a car NOVA will make a separate charge to cover the cost of any cleaning and/or repair work required.

7. Fuel - All Cars are supplied with a full tank of fuel. If a Car is delivered to the User, the User is liable for the cost of the fuel from the time it leaves the Rent a car NOVA branch until such time as it is returned to a Rent a car NOVA branch. All Cars will be refueled upon return to a Rent a car NOVA branch at the prevailing our rate per liter. Rent a car NOVA reserves the right to charge the refuelling charge according to the decision of the Management.

8. Maintenance - The User agrees to take good care of the car and to check the engine and automatic gearbox oil regularly, whenever the latter exists in the rented car, as well as the water in the radiator, battery and tire pressure. The oil has to be changed every 7000 kms. The User is liable to pay all the damage caused by insufficient maintenance. In the event that a car on rent reaches the mileage at which a routine service is due, the User undertakes to notify the Rent a car NOVA and make that car available for such servicing to be carried out or for the car to be replaced at the Rent a car .

9. Breakdowns - 
Repairs or replacements of vehicle parts have to be done only at the official dealer after previous written consent by Rent a car NOVA. Refund of expenses is made against the receipt of registered workshop that has effected the repair, but replaced parts have to be presented obligatorily. In case the repair was effected outside the registered workshop and the replaced parts are not returned, the expenses will not be refunded. In case any part of the vehicle or kit is exchanged or lost, indemnity amounting triple daily market price of the exchanged or lost part of the vehicle or kit will be charged.

10. Tachograph - The truck user is materially responsible for the rented car and any eventual damage to the tachograph in accordance with the Road Traffic Security Law.

11. Documents - All cars are delivered with the papers necessary for crossing the border. The user is responsible for these documents. In case of losing the documents , keys , plates etc., the user will be extra charged and is obliged to cover all costs.

12. Personal insurance - For an additional daily charge, the amount of which is determined as per the valid tariff, the passengers are insured up to the insurance policy amount in the case of death or disability as a consequence of an accident provoked by Rent a car NOVA.

13. Insurance - all the cars to which Rent a car NOVA has exclusive rights, are provided with third party liability coverage. Franchise deduction depends on the type of car and is decided by Rent a car NOVA Management and entered overleaf. In case of any damage for which the User is responsible or in the case of damage caused by the user's ignorance of one or more terms of the agreement, the user is to settle the damage up to the full value of the insurance- except if the responsibility is waived by paying an additional daily charge defined in the valid tariff. The insurance does in no way cover: 
- damage to the tires,
- damage to the underside, clutch and gear box, the inside of the car and the windshield due to driver`s carelessness
- damage to engine due to lack of oil or filling the car with wrong fuel or careless driving
- damage caused by a driver being influenced by alcohol or drugs
- damage caused by an unauthorised driver
- any damage not reported to the nearest police station

User is held responsabilly for all above mentioned damage. Rent a car NOVA will not accept any responsabillty for damage or loss during period of rent at User if he did not follow terms of rental agreement, User is obligator to settle down bill of whole damage to Rent a car NOVA while the car is out of use.

14. Fire and theft - The User accepts responsibility for any loss or damage to the car caused by their willful act or negligence or if the User has in any other way ignored the terms set forth in the agreements. 
By paying a daily surcharge, according the valid tariff, the User is provided coverage up to the full value of the vehicle and therefore may be charged only up to the amount of the non-waiveable excess charge. Franchise deduction depends on the type of car.

15. Accidents - Any accident must immediately be reported to the nearest police station and to the Rent a car NOVA station that delivered the car and the User is will not use the car whilst it is in an unroadworthy condition. A report - a special form, supplied together with car documents,as well as his/her written statement describing the damage / accident, must be filled with complete details of the damage / accidents and must be sent immediately to the Rent a car NOVA office which delivered the car. User shall cooperate with Rent a car NOVA in the investigation and procedure of the respective accident. The User is held liable for all expenses if the terms of this Article are not respected. Replacement car will be provided if necessary.

16. Property loss – Rent a car NOVA shall not be liable for loss or damage to User's property or property of any other person, stored or transported in or upon the rented car, service car or business premises of Rent a car NOVA. By signing this agreement, the User expressly waives all claim for such loss or damage against Rent a car NOVA.

17. Amendments to the rental agreement - No term or condition of this agreement may be waived or modified without prior written consent from Rent a car NOVA.
18. All employees of Rent a car NOVA have the right to control any car at any time. If it is found that the User has violated any of the terms of this agreement, the employees of
 Rent a car NOVA are authorized to seize the car.
Rent a car NOVA unconditionally reserves the right to terminate the Rental Agreement, regardless of time and place, before the termination of the rental period and shall not be held liable to compensate the User for any possible loss or damage.

19. Important! User is responsible for traffic violations also after the rental.

20. In these terms Rent a car NOVA is defined by NOVA GRATIA d.o.o. with headquarters in Trogir, Put Dragulina 74, (Reg. No.) OIB 66126775778 for the teritory of Croatia and one of our business services is car rental.

21. By signing this agreement, the User unconditionally agrees & accepts Rent a car NOVA standard conditions and warrants the accuracy of the abovementioned data and accepts Split as exclusive place of jurisdiction in case of litigation.


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